You don't just lick it off the rocks, kid

The title to this post is an old Irish saying George Carlin had a fondness for. I like how it's both true and not true at once. It's certainly true for me, as I sit here at my computer, each click another lick of the parched. Yet each time I read Entertainment Weekly or skim MSNBC Entertainment news I'm convinced this is not true for those starlet junkies who simply open their mouths and the world slides down whole.

This blog is an attempt to click less aimlessly and to lick less rock. I have two professional projects I believe in that I could and should be working on in any spare time I have, but I don't have the energy for them. I also have a career, a child, a dog and a home--all things that require enough attention from me I could easily fill up the hours of the day, but they too are more draining than enriching. Filling the hours of the day is in no way fulfilling. My teaching work is fulfilling, but getting work and the politics of it is it's own set of frustrating challenges that are wearing me out.

My friend Carolyn gave me some advice recently. I don't remember it exactly, but the gist of it was to diversify my portfolio, to expand the range of things in life that enrich and give meaning. So, we come to this blog. What will I blog? I'm not exactly sure yet. I found some great design and craft blogs that inspire me. To do what, I'm not sure. And then there are the blogs I just like to read to read. I'll probably write some about what I'm reading. And, I'll probably use this space for other kinds of endeavors as well.

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