So much time to make up

I only have 984 songs on my ipod because I need leave lots of room for the talkie programs I listen to. Sure, that's plenty most of the time, and most of them are really good songs so I'm not complaining. What tends to happen though, is that when I shuffle, I hear the same 20 songs over and over. I don't really mind. But, I wonder how that shuffle logarithm works? I'm not curious enough to look it up, but I do wonder how with all those songs and with the many thousands more in my itunes, why the same dozens crop up in the shuffle over and over.

Here is one that gets repeated often. It's great. Not their best work, perhaps, but still a strong showing. I could do without the chit-chat at the start, but there aren't too many videos of this one out there. Click the link below to go to youtube. I have not figured out how to embed in blogger yet--me not so tech savvy.

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