Organizing the mess that is my creative life

I'm one of the few folks who still enjoys reading Better Homes and Gardens. I wish there were not so many ads, but one of the things I like about it, as compared to other decorating-type magazines (now that Domino is dead), is that most of the stuff in it is not necessarily high-end. They do have some classy stuff, but they also publish out of Des Moines, so I think that helps them keep it sort of middle-brow.

I was on their website today and found a few things.

I'm in love with this.

from Better Homes and Garden's shoot of Margaret Sindelar's sewing nook.

And I don't know how practical this is, but it sure is pretty. It's better than my ugly board and Kevin tripping over the cord and then throwing the recycling under it because I've set it up right next to his desk because it's the only out of the way place with both light and an electrical outlet.

From BHG shoot of Margaret Sindelar's sewing nook.

I enjoy these glass cylinders for the storage of things that need to be flat, like markers and such.

BGH Quick and Clever Ideas for Organizing Crafts

And, if you're feeling like your house will never be organized, just look at this. 

From Highlights Magazine

What are your favorite studio designs?


  1. I love that top room...well "nook". That is the best part, that it is just part of a room. It is pretty enough to be seen by the public so can be part of a public space and not hidden away like a dirty secret. I have to wait until my girls are older for that though.

  2. I kind of feel like I live in a hippo's butt most of the time Erin. No pretty nook for me either.


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