Summer School Blues

Maybe when your career is keeping you from doing the things you want to do it's time to consider a new career. 

From the movie Summer School, posted on this site.

Summer school is a drag. I'm sure that's what my students are saying too. There is just no time. I have no time to get anything done, for work or pleasure. Classes in the summer are longer than normal and I commute to Woodland for one of my classes so I'm busy with school from 7:30-5:00. When does that leave time for preparing, reading, responding and then all of those dozens of other projects, unrelated to school, I want to get to?

Hobo Swag Bag from SaltWaterKids
Cargo Pants Messenger Bag from Noodlehead
Finish cleaning the dining room, office and garage.
And clean, sort and store all the fabric.

It doesn't. Oh, and forget about sleeping and eating. Ha.

And, we have family in town. And life and death keep happening. And there is still stuff to do like buy dog food and make sure there are clean socks and shorts for everyone. 

I really think summers are too busy. In this economy I can't say no to any class I am offered--and since this blog is not about the politics of higher education I won't go further as to why that is the case--but I wish I didn't have to say yes. 

As much as I enjoy my students and their stories, I'd rather be living than commenting on essays. At least today. And probably tomorrow, too.

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