Almost Famous in 1978


The text reads:

Susan Bystol, left, and her niece Sherry Donath passed the time on a recent afternoon collecting rocks on Susan’s father’s farm three miles south of Andrew, Iowa.

Susan, 9, says, “It’s easy, just pickin’ em up.”

Four-year-old Sherry lives in Dubuque but was visiting her aunt for a few days. She says she prefers city living to rural life.

Both girls say their favorite pasttime when they’re not collecting rocks is riding bicycles.

Since I know you’re all wondering, yes, I am “Sherry Donath.” Apparently the author got me to wax eloquent about city versus rural life but didn’t manage to ask me how to spell my name. This ran in the TH April 16, 1978. I love Susan’s scarf and the fact that I look like I’m sucking on a rock. Hopefully I’m eating real food, but you never really know with us crazy rural folk.

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