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"Use your time wisely. Say beautiful things, inspire, forgive, act physically to protect and help.
(Thank you for that quote from Thich Nhat Hanh, Yum and Yuk--are you reading her blog yet? You should be.)

I'm spend a good deal of my week--wisely I think--listening to podcasts (while driving to and from work). Although I enjoy many variety of smart people, I really enjoy smart and funny people. I mean, I like people who are smart and funny at the same time. Often, these people have multiple talents too, like they write and sing and do comedy and can engage in entertaining conversation. I know, right!

Mike Birbiglia's book, Sleep Walk with Me: and other painfully true stories, just came out and he's been making the rounds. I heard him on The Nerdist podcast first, and I adore all those guys and that was fun. Then he was on Carolla, which was pretty good, actually; Adam only talked over him sort of. He's on This American Life on and off. And, this week was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross and that interview was great. Terry is really best when she totally enjoys the person she's talking to and you could tell she was tickled by Mike. There is some great stuff on his youtube channel.

Here is a taste of his stand up that some talented folks have animated. 

One of the most endearing parts of his interview with Terry (and Nerdist) is where he talks about how much he admires her and how much he loved the Joan Rivers documentary A Piece of Work. It was on my radar screen before, but now it's in my queue based on his recommendation. 

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  1. I like Mike. Haven't I heard him on the Moth podcast too? Anyway, I think is going to be here in Milwaukee soon and I am trying to convince my husband that it is worth parting with some cash. The last thing-y we went to was David Sedaris, which was good, but really, not all that much better than listening to his audio books that he narrates. Maybe I just need to get Mike's book from Audible...


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