Innovation and People

I'm very interested in what Steven Johnson is talking about in his new book, Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. The basic premise is that good ideas tend to brew for a while, aha moments don't just appear out of nowhere but rather out of this brewing, and that "chance favors the connected mind." I've so been feeling the need to live a more innovative and connected life. I can be brilliant all I want, but solving problems for the dog really isn't as satisfying as I'd like it to be.

There is some good video of Johnson talking about these ideas at a TED talk.

And, another video previewing the book.

I've been interested in the idea of co-working since I learned about it from a colleague, Janna. Janna and her partner Jeremy have just opened a place downtown called ThinkHouse Collective

At its best, I think it aims to create opportunities for innovation and collaboration. I crave the potential. I also fear the pitfalls and personalities. Personalities would be the main pitfalls I guess, besides perfume and other foul odors. I don't want to be around things or people that smell, literally or figuratively. But, I do want more out of my worklife than I have now. 

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