Now for the Zombie Barbies


Okay, here are the promised Barbie Zombies I told you about yesterday. When I saw this idea on This Mama Makes Stuff, I was sold! Normally, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Although I'm not big into the decorating and celebrating in general, I will get out the pumpkin and fall stuff and make a pathetic effort to look alive.

Benjamin asked if we could decorate this year, but it's just not practical. For one, we've got no outdoor electrical outlets, nor any in the garage, nor any near windows practical to leave open. For two, we've got all of the grandparent's furniture in the garage, nose-to-nose with barely space for me and my teaching bag to walk through, and it's blocking the decoration boxes. I guess we'll have to move it before Christmas, because I don't think I can get away with saying, "sorry, no Christmas tree this year because I can't get to the ornaments." But I'll try if it means less effort and mess.

Back to the Barbies: this idea is so cool I'm bummed it didn't come from somewhere cooler than a grocery store magazine.


Even so, it's totally rad, and anyone with a bag of old Barbies (or a nearby thriftstore where you might scoop some up) and some white spray paint, should get on this project. I'm gonna get on to bed, so I can get on to student conferences and reading more essays, and visulizing finishing some of the brilliant planning I need to do so maybe I'll actually finish it before classes on Thursday.

Hey, if you're into zombies or good tv, the new AMC show looks so good. I'm not really into zombies, per se, though I wouldn't say I'm excluding them as I haven't really explored them was a genre. In fact, I don't know that I've ever seen a zombie movie ever. Only a million movie trailers. Anyhoo, check out The Walking Dead if you have cable. I'll have to wait until four seasons have accumulated on Netflix and I know all the plot lines from pop-culture references.

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  1. Zombieland is a must see. I am not all that into Zombies - but this movie is hilarious! Loved Woody Harrelson, Bill Murray and that kid that got the girl pregnant in Juno.


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