How Do You Flip Your Latkes?

Have you seen the fantastic Hanukkah song by the Jewish men's a cappella group the Maccabeats? Well, what are you waiting for? Tonight's the last night of Hanukkah, not that that should stop you.

What great talent and what great fun. It's such a catchy tune. 

Well, entertainment writer Gaby Dunn has been writing about these guys on her blog, No Fun Gaby Dunn. Her first post was titled "Top 5 Cute Jews from Maccabeats Video" and she is totally crushing on some some yarmulke wearing good boys. Mayim Bialik called these guys "like porn for young unmarried religious girls" and I'm feeling it. 

In the "Top 5" piece Gaby Dunn gives the Boys cute names like "Opening Jew" and "Teddy Bear Jew," whom she describes as a "freaking Jew teddy bear with those sad droopy eyes" and asks, "What’s eating you, Gilbert Grapeowitz?"

In the other post, "3 Things the Maccabeats Should do Now (and Then I'm Done Writing About Them)," she proposes a "Maccabeat a month" calendar and suggests they unbutton their shirts and sex up the lyrics a bit. It's really worth the read. Delightful. 

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