Not Even B-Sides


It's uprising sometimes how long I will go without listening to our music. Sure I hear random crap on the radio and piped into stores, but it's not often I choose to listen to our culled collection. With Benjamin in the car or at home it's nearly impossible to listen to anything as he fills all space and time with noise and need, but even when I'm alone I rarely put on music anymore. In the car I tend to listen to talk--podcasts and interviews and books and productions. 

I commute and my brain is a messy place and having a focus makes the hours in the car each week bearable. Much of what I listen to is humorous, and the comedy is an antidote of sorts, to the stupidity I imbibe daily. And then I can't take the talk anymore and I flip it to shuffle and I relearn and re-remember. 

Some of the songs on this 'random' playlist--the hits of the shuffle tonight, in that order--are not my favorites by these artists, nor would they even have made the B-sides. Some of these artists don't see big replay numbers anymore in my stats. And yet they are all good songs from various styles and eras. Don't believe me?

  1. Get Older / Matthew Sweet (audio)
  2. Bigmouth Strikes Again / The Smiths (audio)
  3. Electric Blue / The Cranberries (audio)
  4. Tell Me What Else I Can Do Wrong Tonight / Whiskeytown (I could not find a version of this online, so instead I went with recent Ryan and the Cardinals performing Magick! (audio)
  5. Traces Of The Western Slopes / Rickie Lee Jones (There is a commercial b4 this one, but it's worth the wait.)
  6. Sylvia Plath / Ryan Adams
  7. Doing The Twist / Bone People, poetry by Debra Marquart
  8. China / Tori Amos
  9. Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / The Smiths (video: 80s hair, glasses, jean jackets and British lads on bikes alert!)
  10. Gravel / Ani DiFranco (audio)
Ani DiFranco is so worth seeing live!

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