Kicking the Pantalons into Action

Isn't this gorgeous? I wish I could design something so airy and wonderful, but I'm really more of a paper stacking clutter hound.

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Since I left my parent's house I've shared my personal and creative spaces. Even when I'd been fortunate enough to have my own room a couple of times in college, I shared a bathroom and and common spaces with cool and not-so-cool roomates. (That six months I lived alone in Chicago doesn't count--not Chicago's fault; I was miserable and did nothing but watch TV in the dark so as not to set off the circuit breakers by having too many electronics going at once.)

Kevin and I have been married 15 years this summer. We have shared a bed, a bathroom, (even a computer and desk for more than half of this time), and what qualifies as an office for about 16 of those years.

Until now.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Other View of Dining Room"]Dining Room "Dump"


This past spring, Kevin moved his desk and computer and all the rest of his stuff-stuff into the dining room, which had been a storage dump for every homeless item in our house (as the photos above attest). Since then, we've cleaned and sorted stuff on the porch, and in the garage and living room, attempting to get rid of much and give the keepers a home. All of this is foreplay to "decorating." I honestly find it hard to believe we'll ever get that far, but I'm mostly pessimist.

For years now I dreamed and yearned for the day I would have my own office and imagined painting it sea glass blue with white cupboards for my fabric and supplies. But now that it's time to do it--and it's time, because school starts up again in a month--I'm feeling so "eh" about it. I can't decide. I just don't know.

So this week I plan to do a series of posts gathering sources to get inspired, or at least kicking myself in the ass some, for the office makeover. Topics to cover:

  • Painting wood furniture

  • Window coverings

  • Wall paint

  • Wall art/storage

  • Trim and doors

  • Your ideas--send them to me and I'll post the best.

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  1. Sounds like you have some challenging but exciting tasks ahead. Look forward to seeing what you'll do! And congrats on 15 years of marriage! That's quite special!


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