Last Minute Gift Guide for the Young

For Parents: to be or newbies

Exploiting my Baby: A Memoir of Pregnancy and Childbirth, by Teresa Strasser

Self-deprecating and poignant, this is the tale of under-mothered child to terrified adult on the brink of parenthood. Smart women (and men) will love the humor and heart.

Handmade projects and toys crafted from natural and repurposed stuffs. Great ideas and adorable photos.

For the Children

A Pirate Spyglass in a wooden box

Orb Factory Magnetic Color Cubes

Mosaic Puzzle from the Land of Nod

A cheaper set can be found here.

Wall Mosaics are all the rage

I like the Muppets

A younger child might enjoy castles

A Ball that changes shape and color when you toss it.

Knock Knock Goodnight NotePads

A Subscription to Abe’s Peanut—the new-mystery-each-month series

Kids love mail, and love to read. This project engages various artists to draw and write stories on postcards that get sent out regularly. Here is an explanation of their project.

For the Tweeners and Teeners

Rub-on Tattoos in the shape of Air Quotes



You’re Late Watch

American Girl’s Guide to Money

Great book with ideas to get your girls smart about money.

Subscription to Spotify

Or, how can you go wrong with an itunes gift card?

There are many fun alternatives to keeping a journal these days.

Lithography allows you to journal by lists.

Stormtrooper DJ Tee

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