Me Too.

My cousin Amanda is pregnant with her first child and I wish for her a healthy pregnancy and birth. Our bodies undergo many changes during pregnancy, many of which are not pleasant or easy. My sense of smell was quite sharp to begin with, but pregnancy only increased my olfactory abilities. It's a relatively useless and often annoying power. I was delighted by this poem, which captures the experience well.

Superhero Pregnant Woman


Her sense of smell is ten times stronger.

And so her husband smells funny;

she rolls away from him in the bed.

She even smells funny to herself,

but cannot roll away from that.

Why couldn’t she get a more useful superpower?

Like the ability to turn invisible, or fly?

The refrigerator laughs at her from its dark corner,

knowing she will have to open it some time

and surrender to its villainous odors.

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