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As you know, I invited my students to participate in the blog for National Poetry Month. Here are two entries, from Louie M. and Daniel B.

Louie says: I am studying some poetry for my Humanities Class right now...Whitman, Wordsworth etc., [but] I have had a poem stuck in my head for years , one of my all time [favorites], but I cannot remember the author [and] it drives me crazy. I have googled it...but to no avail. I was wondering... since you are a fan of some of the great poets... if you might know who wrote this.....

An alabaster rainbow
walks the great desert
and the jade mirror
dropped from the penthouse of the gods
and shatters into a thousand pieces

Cherri Says: It's absolutely lovely. However, I couldn't find a reference to it either. Maybe one of our readers is familiar with its source.

Daniel wanted to share one of his own poems, and here it is.

Who Can Judge Rightly a Bright and Dull Day?

by Daniel Bubela
It was a bright but dull day,

Dull I say,

For the air was filled with a cold mist that kissed the sky with a grey fog,

The day may have been dull but my heart was full, full of the love that can never be quenched,

I was not alone for I had an angel in the semblance of a woman,

We held hands and walked through the fog like two phantoms linked together by the spaces between our palms,

The softness of her skin attracted me closer and closer until we were two beats of the same heart,

I had one desire,

This fire sparked by the passion of love,

She is the delicacy of my life, the main course, pulled together but one force,

The sun and moon witnesses to the bloom of a flower that only One can endow,

As we were led by the path who led us through such a scene, we encountered a man on a bench,

Out of admiration of warmth I greeted the individual,

How odd? Influenced by nature’s beauty, but no reply,

So we continued on our romance through the fog when I noticed my love’s shoe was untied,

Being drunk with love as well as etiquette I bent down to tie her shoes,

Within a moment of a breathe,

Like a fiend in the night,

The bench man darted towards us with a sharp illuminate piece,

This piece shot out of its holder like a tongue out its mouth’s host,

The shiny tongue was ready to have a lick of my love’s life, but I could not bare to let it even have a taste of her sweetness,

I jolted in the way, pushed, shoved, screamed “Run!”

She ran, looked back but I screamed again, “Run my love!”

The wretch put up a fight he lunged his killing tool into my chest, yet I could not bear to leave him breathing, I grappled his throat and snatched each breathe from him until there was none left to take,

During the course of my theft the fiend had a chance to distribute three holes into my flesh, blood cried out of my every wound,

Before my last breathe I prayed to the Father above asking for the forgiveness of the theft of a life,

Before I let go of the chains binding me to earth, I saw the light and saw the beautiful angel in flesh with pouring tears washing the wounds of a soulless body,

Oh what a day, it was so dull but yet so bright.

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