FAC *Friday After Class* June 22 | 12

Here are your fun and fabulous links for this week's round of Friday After Class.

Awesome Au Jus Who misses The Gilmore Girls? (Since I don't have cable, I haven't been blessed/cursed with lots of reuns and haven't seen it in years.) Some genius with time on their hands compiled this: Rory Gilmore's reading list. It's a list of books she read or mentioned on the show. Awesome.

Twitter If you're not following Patton Oswalt, well then get on it! His live tweet sessions of Downton and big award shows are laugh aloud worthy.

Made Me Laugh Famous Pins of the World

Blogs I just started using Bloglovin' and all I can say is: why didn't I do this sooner? It totally simplifies visiting all of my favorite pages.

Blogs Speaking of blogs check out The Well-Appointed Desk. Ana frequently reviews pens, notebooks and other office supplies, and who isn't into office supplies!

Written I enjoyed this piece on girls, holly wood and The Hunger Games. I'm wondering if I should teach the book this fall.

Enjoy This idea is so brilliant. I'm sure it's been done many times, but I love when someone quantifies what the rest of us have been thinking for years. "Drink when ambivalence haunts you."

Remember to pour one for me!

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