Simply Wiper Fluid

We've been drinking a lot of Simply Lemonade this summer. The plastic jugs and lids are really nice, and I hesitated to recycle them when repurposing is so much better. About the same time, Kevin and I both ran out of wiper fluid in our cars. So, homemade wiper fluid + empty lemonade bottles = perfect solution.

There are a number of DIY Wiper Fluid recipes on the internet. At first I used vinegar and dish soap, which worked fine, but smelled like vinegar every time I squirted the stuff! The recipe we're using now has rubbing alcohol in it, which will also give you a few more degrees of cold before it freezes; that's all we need here in Sacramento, where the lows rarely dip below freezing. Here's the recipe I just used. I made four gallons and stored them in the garage for future use.

Wiper Fluid

4-8 oz of Rubbing Alcohol
1 Tbsp of dish soap
Fill the rest of the gallon with water

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