Things That Make You Feel Old

When I see kids grow up--like one year they are a tot and a few later they are a tween--I don't feel old so much as a feel like time is going by quickly.

What makes me feel old is knowing how long something has been with me, like a book, an idea, a song. I'm currently making a mix cd for a sweet young women who has taken a couple of my classes. She's really into singing and she's very "innocent" in a good way. I wanted to expose her to some good songs, but nothing too dark or melancholy, because her experience with music is pretty limited to Christian rock and there is tons of other good-good stuff out there.

I started flipping through the ipod and realized I've had Shawn Colvin with me for over 20 years. The last year in high school and the first in college were major music explosions for me and now all of those people I met then have been with me 20 years. That makes me feel old.

The video is lame, but the song is a good one.

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