It's Friday!  This round's on me!

Creative Framing. This piece on framing your creative expertise is interesting.

How to Search a website with no search box.

There were so many funny Valentine's cards this week. I loved the LBD Darcy ones as well as this Puritan-themed set.

Miss getting letters in the mail? Here are some great resources for getting a pen pal.

French Yogurt Cake. I've been reading Bringing Up Bebe (until I couldn't handle the perfumed smell of the library book anymore; I guess I'll wait until it comes out in paperback), and one of the interesting notes was about how French toddlers begin cooking with their parents and often do much baking on their own. This Yogurt Cake is one of the first things they learn to make, as all of the measurements are made by re-using the yogurt cups.

Excellent Reminder. Want to know how to influence other and connect with "important" people? It's pretty simple.

Save me a spot for me.

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