We've Been Married 18 Years

If that doesn't make one feel old, well...

Here are two of our engagement photos. Dang we were cute. At ISU in 1996.

I promise I'm not pinching his nipple. 

Here we are on our wedding day in 1996 with two of my adorable cousins. (It tears me up to look at this. Both girls look like their fathers. I adored their fathers, both of whom died young.)

We wore boots to the wedding. Because we're awesome.

Here we are about a year later. We're still adorable 1997.

And, here we are at year five, in 2001. Poor baby Benjamin was sobbing just before the picture--look at his puffy face and red eyes. 

I honesty can't remember if we took photos at years 10 and 15. Sometimes we forget to do simple things like that.

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