If a week goes by and I haven't been to at least one thrift store, it must have been a very busy week. Thrift store shopping is my main form of recreation. It's alone time, for sure, but it's also one of the few things my kid and I do together.

I buy things we need at the thrift store--most of our clothes and books and a good chunk of our furniture and other household necessities were found in one resale shop or another. But, I also give myself permission to have fun there (sometimes and when I'm not channeling Kevin). Granted, many-to-most of my fun purchases range in price from $.99-5.99, but that's one reason why it's okay. Nobody is going broke if I spend $1.99 on something I find cute one week that four months later I can't recall a reason for a rhyme. Generally though, my finds aren't at all useless, even if many are still in boxes for all kinds of other reasons--but more on those later.

Since part of my goal with this blog is to make good on some of those crafty urges I've had but have suppressed over the last few years, I've been buying up fabric remnants at the shops this past week. Most were less than $2 each. I found some fun stuff. The photos are from my trunk today.

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