More Books

I've requested a few sewing and project books from the library. I have so many books coming I wrote my library card number in sharpie on my laptop because the web site won't remember the 14 digit number. Some criminal might think they've hit the jack pot, but really they can view my reading history. Mind you, I should be working on lesson plans and figuring out how to teach comma splices to my students, but the appeal of making tote bags and developing reusable giftwrap is much stronger than grammar instruction. Besides, I've read the research, and I'm not going to teach them much about punctuation anyway--at least not in one semester.

What am I picking up?

Last Minute Fabric Gifts

The New Handmade

Bag Bazaar

The Best of Sew Simple Magazine

And, many others. I'll let you know what I think.

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