Learning curves are just that

Isn't she pretty?

This beauty (a New Home Westinghouse) came with our house. The woman who lived here before us was in her 90s and the house was full of wonderful old things. I encouraged her family to leave as many of them as they wanted. Less work for them, more treasures for me. Alas, they took most of the cool bowls and bric-a-brac and left some big uncomfortable furniture we're still us
ing. But, this sewing machine is one of the gems we inherited.

I unwrapped it last weekend because I hoped for it to be my new machine. After looking at it for about ten minutes I decided I simply don't have the patience to learn how to use it. It's hard enough to fiddle with my newer and simpler machine when the tension is wrong or the bobbin get's all knotted up, but having
to track down a manual and join a chat group just to turn this thing on is not my idea of interesting. So, I put the bubble wrap back around her and stuck her back in the dining room.


  1. Wow what a lucky inheritance! I'd have to also inherit patience to figure that bad boy out.
    Good luck in your quest. I'm curious to see how it all turns out!

  2. I can't believe that came with your house!

    You could probably figure it out in 5 minutes; those old machines are very intuitive.

  3. It so did not look intuitive, Peter. I will probably get around to it sometime, when I'm not feeling so rusty. But I haven't done much sewing of late, so I'm note particularly confident in the figuring it out department.


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