Work Envy?

The other day Benjamin told Kevin he envied me because now that my semester is over, I get to sit around and do nothing all day! Sure. I don't know that I could actually do nothing, although some days it feels like I get nothing done.

I hoped this week to get the bulk of the vintage stuff I have up on Etsy. Wow, this is work and I'm sure Benjamin would not envy it if he had any clue what it entailed (even though he's been watching me do it for weeks now.) I still have odds and ends to photograph, measure and upload that are not clothes, but today I'm tackling the clothing and lingerie I have.

This is what the dining room looks like.

Because I photographed the luggage on Sunday and took the garage sale stuff out last week, there is now a path to walk through.

And, this is what the garage looks like pre measuring and steaming and photographing.

I doubt I will finish that today, but here's hoping.

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