One of those people

I've been passing out fliers in the neighborhood. I know, I hate it when people do that and now I'm doing it. But--(there is always a but)--I'm attempting to organize a neighborhood garage sale. I passed out 1/2 sheet size papers about a month ago suggesting the idea and got a response of three. All the ladies who responded were very nice and happy to have a sale. Then, when I was passing out the second round of fliers this week, the ones that said we had multiple families participating, we met a family with a kid the same age as Benjamin. So, not only did Benjamin make a friend, but they want to have a sale as well. I got another email this morning from a family.

Charlie and I will being passing out more fliers today. That's Charlie above. He doesn't care about the fliers but likes to walk up to all the houses and smell their porches. I am so thrilled that the neighborhood is interested! I get really discouraged when I have an idea I put a lot of energy into, but other people never get interested in. The fact that we now have six other houses participating is positively thrilling; even if a couple change their mind, we still have enough to call it a "neighborhood" sale on June 5. Yippy.

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