The 40-Year-Old Bag

I scored at the neighborhood garage sales and I didn't even really get to go to them I was so busy at my own. A gal was at my sale buying some of my fabric remnants and craft stuff and my son told her the lady four houses down had more fabric. This was news to me, so, we both made a b-line down there. She drove; I walked; we got there at the same time. 

Frankie did not, in fact, have any fabric out--our information was bad--but she got some out and sold it to us. (While we were there, her husband got out a ladder at someone's request, and sold that. They also got out some canning jars, and sold them. They were very accommodating.)

What did I buy besides some lovely vintage earrings that belonged to Frankie's mother? Well, Frankie worked at a fabric store 40 years ago and this bag has the new pattern and cut fabric for the project ready to go--as if she'd just come home from the store. In 1970. 

What exactly is in the bag we'll keep a surprise for just a bit. But I was thinking as I went to bed last night that I was putting the focus on finding an outfit for the wrong cousin. I like dresses and that's part of the reason I wanted to style Cathy; she gets all the attention, which is natural with her charisma, and the camera just loves her. But, where is the love for Peter? When left to his own devices he picks out harem pants! Maybe he needs some old-school style a-la my neighbor's garage sale. But, I'm not sure he can pull off poly/silk patterns straight from 1970. After reading today's post, maybe he's too nice.

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