Do We Think I've Got Four Garage Sale Posts in Me? Part Three

C'était bon. Fin.

Let me start over. I was very well prepared. I didn't have everything out in advance, but it was mostly out and everything that wasn't was by the door and ready to go. Signs were up in advance (which I'll discuss in part four if I ever get there), and I advertised on Craigslist, and a site called gsalr, which will map a route for you, so I figured all there was to do was wait for the people. Benjamin had a rough start to the morning. He'd had a long Friday, which ended in a school dance and song program, and he didn't sleep well. When he and Kevin left for the grocery store about 7:00 a.m., Benjamin took a nosedive in the street. He's still got scabs. It was a hot, fussy day for the kid.

The early birds came the day before. Seriously. I saw dozens of cars go through the neighborhood on Friday, even though the sale was Saturday. I'm so glad Kevin's mom was with me, because I even had a guy come up to the house and into the garage to "just say hi" and see what we had. He stayed and chatted a while and then even came back the next day during the sale. He didn't buy anything. As a matter of fact, he didn't even look at our stuff. He just chatted.

Our lovely elderly neighbor and her daughter, who came to squat in our garage and sell some of their wares, were delightful and we had fun getting to know them as well as meeting random neighbors and shoppers. The dog did rather well when other dogs weren't invading his turf. And, Benjamin and Kevin ate 12 donuts between them, so I think they are still in recovery. (I took this photo before we'd pulled all the stuff out. For some reason the driveway was fuller at the end of the day. Huh?)

The best part is that we sold most of the big stuff, which meant I don't have to haul it anywhere. We forgot to put the stuff on the side of the house out--after Benjamin fell we got distracted and then by the time we remembered we just kind of gave up on it--but other than that we have relatively little going to the thrift store and some of that is my sister-in-law's.

Unfortunately, I've still got the crib. I am N-O-T having another one, so someone is gonna have to take that off my hands. We bought it used and it's been through Benjamin (who was a biter and jumper) and Zoe and DJ (who was a climber). It may look like it's from a 1990's Sears Catalog--at it probably was--but it's rock solid and can hold a few more babies. (For those of you who don't know me yet, Benjamin is mine; Zoe and DJ are my sister-in-law's kids.)


  1. Oh, I just love garage sales! I come home for my old neighborhood's garage sale -- sitting around and selling old clothes, etc., is a tradition my mom and I have.

  2. What a great tradition Melissa. I'm glad you get to do that with your mom. My extended family is so big now they don't do the family garage sale together anymore either, but I do miss it very much. And, since my family is back in Iowa, it's quite a road trip for me.


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