First Give-A-Way: Decopage Trinket Box

I've been slow about getting to my handmade give-a-ways. Last week it took me a whole day to get the tension on the machine adjusted. So I thought we'd start with a vintage give-a-way. I've got lots of good vintage stuff.

Tada: A deco-paged trinket box lined in aqua-blue velvet, handmade in 1977

Don't you love bubbles in the tub lady and all the old fashioned dresses? The illustrations must have come from an old storybook or maybe they were wrapping paper. What do you think? On the bottom of the box is written E.Yost '77 and the shellac was applied over it.

How do you win? Visit my Etsy store, Smarty Pantalons, and leave a comment below talking about your favorite item (or least favorite item--I won't discriminate). I plan on adding lost of new items this week so they'll be new stuff to choose from.

The contest will run between now and Sunday, June 27 at 7:00 p.m. We'll pick the winner Sunday night after 7:00 p.m. and post the winner here. Free shipping to US residents. Internationals are welcome to play, but you'll need to pay the international shipping.

P.S. If you are related to me you can't win--I've seen how much crap you have and I don't want to have to call that show where they come clean your house out. ;-)


  1. Hi Cheri, the boxes remind me of my Holly Hobby drapes and bedspread that my mom made for us as kids. When she spruced up the room, the drapes became 3 matching dresses for me and my sisters. I love them!

  2. My favorite item in your shop are the 13 green daisy painted trays. I love my vintage trays! Yours are in great shape and are a great price. 13 of them!

  3. Mine favorite if I have to choose just one is the Flower Power Blue White and Purple Suitcase - I'm thinking about purchasing it! I had one just like it as a kid but it was orange !

  4. Blue Hair Knits has Won the Deco-Page Trinket Box. Please contact me with your shipping address and I will get it mailed to it's new home. Thanks for playing. there will be more give-a-ways soon.


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