Where's the 40-year-old bag now?

Remember the 40-year-old bag of fabric my neighbor sold me at the garage sale--for all of two dollars? 

 Well, it's not the only old thing cluttering up my house these days. I've got so many cool bits of this and that but what the heck am I doing with them? I can't seem to get them all up on Etsy and I'm not moving very fast on the sewing myself. So, I did indeed pass it on. Of course I passed it on to my favorite male sewist and blogger.

Fortunately, Peter from Male Pattern Boldness has a "yes" only policy when it comes to free fabric and patterns so he was happy to add them to his clutter. What exactly did he add to his clutter?

These fabulous colors of...some shimmery fabric. It burned fast and I couldn't tell what it was.

And this very hip and contemporary (1970) tie, bow tie, vest and ascot pattern. Michael, Peter's significant, has seen him in harem pants, but I'm not sure if he's ready to see him in an ascot. And Peter, if you're reading this, ascots do not go with striped tanks.

Probably, Cousin Cathy will end up with a new purse from the fabric, which would be fine by me.

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