First Handmade. Seriously Funny.

My little fingers are sewing. My to-do list is growing. I slept last night in a state of alert. Since no wild beasts were bound to attack, the adrenaline was wasted on me. Busy, busy.

My second muslin of my first handmade product is complete. Here's the sneak peak.


Now I need to make the pattern and pick out fabrics for the first batch. There will be a give-a-way on A Beautiful Mess this Saturday of one of these items. Stay tuned for more details. There is also a gift with purchase item being offered this weekend in my shop via the Beautiful Mess site so be sure to visit on Saturday.

I don't stay up late enough to watch the late-late hosts, but I find Craig and Jimmy seriously funny. Check this one out. Slow Jam with Brian Williams.

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