It's the Double Vinny. For the Winos.

Meet the Double Vinny. Benjamin says it's the coolest thing I've ever made. I won't go that far, but I'm tired and I'm not quite there with the design yet. This one needs a bit of finishing around the top but my thread broke. A lot. That thread is going bye-bye and we'll finish up with something much more cooperative, so those exposed edges you see around the top of the bag will be fixed.

I'm not crazy about the sound of clinking bottles in grocery bags. It doesn't matter what kind of bottles--wine or olive or or pasta sauce--glass clanking on glass when it's not a toast isn't a pleasant sound. 

I also bring my own bags everywhere. I rarely take a store bag and most of my bags are canvas finds from the thrift store. A few years ago grocery and beverage stores started selling bags, most of which are flimsy and don't last very long, and their wine bottle bags are no exception. When I saw these bags at one of our local grocery stores I couldn't believe they would hold one bottle let alone six! And they don't stop the clinking.

Most of the other bags I've seen are either one-time use bags or neoprene or geared for the hardcore wine/camper/enthusiast/weekender/survivalist. I'm not sure where a person is supposed to be going with a wine cooler like this one. I'm guessing you'd be traveling with very expensive wine.

But, let's just say you live down the street from Trader Joe's and you walk over now and then for groceries and you bring your own bags. None of the options I've seen are all that practical for this scenario. And who can carry six bottles at a time? Take an empty box if you need 6 or 12 bottles. Take the Double Vinny if you need two.

I've had the idea to make study bottle bags for a while now, but not the clean space or schedule to do so. I'm  not sure I have either of those things now, but I've got a prototype of the two-seater done for the give-a-way on A Beautiful Mess this weekend. If you want to win this one, head on over.

I plan on making more and tweaking the design a bit and offering them on Etsy. I also plan on making singles and triples. I might even trow in a Vinny Barbarino.


  1. Yeah my dad and his wife travel with wine. They even surprised us with 1/2 half a case to take on the plane to Hawaii. It was a well packed box, much like the one you posed but Styrofoam and cardboard. Nothing like being presented wine at the airport. I must say I like that steel wine cooler. Yep I know I am weird.

  2. Well, Rene, it sounds like your Dad has an actual purpose for the wine travel box. That makes sense. That would be an interesting surprise--wine at the airport. How does that work? Do you do a picnic in the parking lot?

  3. Naw we waited until we got to our hotel room in Hawaii to drink.


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