Gift Card Wallets Gift With Purchase

I don't mind getting a gift card. I don't know if I'm a hard person to buy for or if people are simply lousy at buying me gifts, but a gift card is not only the safe bet, it saves the giftee from having more stuff they don't need as they get to pick out what they really want.

I developed this little gift card wallet--reusable, of course--to wrap gift cards in as a way to class them up a bit. Kids especially like to unwrap things, but sometimes I want to show up with a "present" even though my gift is a card. These little wallets are the perfect solution.

How do you get one? Well, between now and June 30th, you can get one as a gift with purchase. Buy anything in my Etsy shop and you'll get a free one with your order. However, I will soon stock them in my shop. I plan to do all occasion packs, with different colors and themes for multiple occasions. What do you think?


  1. Quite cute. I think when you put yours on Etsy you should emphasis that they are made from "reclaimed" fabric. Not new stuff you went out and buoght at the fabric store. People, including me, love that reclaimed stuff! They, including me, will even include the word "reclaimed" in their Etsy searches for stuff.

  2. That's a good suggestion Lisa. That word wouldn't have occurred to me, so it's good to know you search it. I plan to only use the reclaimed stuff, so I guess I better be thinking of other key words that might work too.


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