Oh, I Sound Old

Oh people, I'm tired. Who am I kidding with the "oh people"? I should just write, "oh me, I'm tired." But, that's not as fun, so I'm faking it. It won't be my first time.

These last couple of weeks--weeks when I haven't been in school and should be pretending to relax--have been positively exhausting. Even the dog is tired, but that is probably my fault since I haven't been walking him lately. Maybe it's the change in weather. Summer finally arrived and I'm not all that crazy about it.

I want to do a post sometime about getting stains out of whites. (This is a topic as old sounding as being tired.) Since I started collecting the vintage linens and hankies, I've been experimenting with getting the stains out. There are three main challenges I face with this problem:

  1. Most stain removers are toxic in more ways than one=bad in more ways than one
  2. The smells of these toxic stain removers really get to me and often leave smells in the linens I can't stand
  3. Actually getting the stains out
I feel like I've tried just about everything, but last night I was flipping through old Domino Mags (oh, I miss you!) and I stumbled on a reference to this product some high-end hotels use. It's called Le Blanc. It's expensive, but so is trying every other kind of product on the market.

I have had decent luck with Oxi-clean, but it only works part of the time and it's quite toxic. I was listening to The Parent Experiment today and Lynette was interviewing Ed and Rachelle Carson Begley. One of the things they mentioned was the stain removing and Oxi-clean and Rachelle, who usually doesn't toot Ed's horn, said she actually likes his stain remover. I might check that one out too. Those two are funny. I don't have cable, so I've not seen their show, but I've heard them on podcasts before and they crack me up.

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