I got goals people

Coming soon to Smarty Pantalons
Now that the garage sale is over, I can focus on other things: like picking up the garage sale stuff. Well, hopefully not just that. I've got another post planned for the sale, an update about what happened and more advice about having one, but for now I'll just give you the skinny on some of my plans for Smarty Pantalons this coming month.

  • More frequent posting. I've been so crazed I haven't been good at regular posting: garage sale over, school out, regular posting in. (I plan on blogging with my students this summer so hopefully that will keep me regular as well.)
  • Getting to cleaning up the house and garage. Unfortunately, there is too much Etsy and garage sale clean up left to ignore this. And, I slept like the dead today so did not get much done.
  • Get more stuff up on Etsy. If you've come here from Etsy or A Beautiful Mess--Thank You! I've had good traffic and good sales so far. I've got lots more to go up and it's just a matter of fitting in the time.
  • Make a mock-up muslin of my first original Smarty Pantalons creation. When I have a prototype, you'll be the first to know and we'll do a give-a-way. I also have a couple of destash give-a-ways planned of patterns and fabric so let your friends know.
  • Create an outfit for Cathy, Peter's cousin, over at Male Pattern Boldness. I've been looking at lots of fashion books lately and all I can think about is what would look good on Cathy? I love dresses, but I'm round and lacking height and they don't love me. Cathy can pull them off.

I've got more goals, but I think this will keep me busy. For sure. Of course, I'm gonna squeeze in some vintage shopping as well, since I mostly stayed close to home and worked my feet sore last week. And, I need to fit in walking the dog, visiting grandpa and arguing with my child this week too.

Charlie is happy the sale is over too; it was stressful!

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