From Idea-to-Internet

I love good ideas. I’ve got lots of them and they rarely go beyond my brain. Some make it to post-it notes that stack up in piles by the bedside. I later collect them and attempt to consolidate the notes. I can generally translate about 1/3 of the ideas to coherent English sentences. I admire folks who take an idea from a spark in the brain to a finished product.
Check out these sippy cups from mason jars by EIO Kids.

I could do without all the plastic/rubber stuff around the bottom (which I know is just for safety—and if you have hard floors it’s smart), but the sippy cup lid that screws on to a mason jar is an excellent idea.
Those of us who have lived in urban areas have used any number of carts, wagons and thing-a-ma-jigs to transport our goods with varied success. Like the non-wheeled cardboard/rope/laundry basket getup I used to get my laundry to the mat in college. (Although I did not have the money for a cart, nor did I have a place to put one while in college, retrospectively I recognize it would have been a wise investment.) So, what about this? I love the sleek, yet roomy design of this Welcome bag-wagon. You know the person who designed this one spent many a day negotiating his/her own transportation issue. And you know, now they live in an area where people have money to burn.

I have an idea for a regular segment on this blog—at that magical future point when I have some freaking time to make stuff for my shop and write for my blog—and it’s to do with envy. You know, they envy you have for folks who have brilliant ideas or masterful execution or just damn good luck! Well, I stumbled on a blog with a similar theme and she’s been doing a dang good job with this for quite a while. It’s called “The Jealous Curator” and curator Danielle explores art and design she admires. Awesome stuff. Recently she posted some stuff I wanted to share as well, so let’s look at it through her lens, which is back to school art.

Here is what she says about her mini-collection on this day.
So, I saw my first ‘back to school’ ad about a week ago. I’m sure all of you students out there find that quite depressing, but not me! I used to love going back to school… granted, it was mainly for the art supplies. The smell of a newly sharpened pencil, a fresh box of crayons, and a big stack of brightly coloured paper – oh, the possibilities! And obviously, I’m not alone. I have a feeling that Dalton Ghetti {alphabet carved pencils}, Jonna Pohjalainen {log pencil crayon installation}, Diem Chau {carved crayons}, and Jennifer Stark {cut-paper sculptures} would have been thrilled to see that commercial at the end of July… ooh, maybe we could all get matching pencil cases!
I also dig these wall pockets, sold by Etsy seller Green Couch Design, that allow you to both hang and collect your bits and bobs in one place. I’m a scatterer by nature, so I’m not sure this system would work for me. But I can totally see my husband stowing his bobs and hanging his jackets like this. Oh, and his murse. ;-)

What good ideas have you seen lately?


  1. I like the mason jar lids and the wall pockets! The carved crayons remind of something Richard Pryor would have bought in the movie when he inherited money but to be able to keep it he had to spend a whole bunch in one day. He would buy the crayon, color a page and then throw it away. LOL!

  2. How cool is that with the wall pocket! Love it :) Thanks for the great post!


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