It’s a 14-Year Moon River Mystery

Kevin and I have been married 14 years on Wednesday. I was trying to think of an appropriate gift and all I came up with was a blog post. I know. It’s that good. Oh, and I’m caught up on the laundry.
Here we are 14 long years ago on our wedding day. Frankly, we feel much older than we should now and we look about twice as old as this. 
Kevin and I planned everything ourselves. We had an outdoor wedding at Reiman Gardens at Iowa State. We designed and printed our own invitations, rsvp cards, programs and the like. We were very orderly the week of the wedding. We had to-do lists taped to the coffee table, one page for each day of the week leading up to the wedding.Then, we typed a master schedule for ourselves and each of us had our own copy. We even handpicked the black-eyed Susans from the side of the highway. (I’m sure this is illegal, although I waited until afterwards to tell Kevin I thought so.)
P1090813  P1090812
I never formally put together a wedding scrapbook. For now, everything is in a clear storage box in the closet. We really need to get around to scanning photos and all that. (If you are one of the people who took video at our wedding, please lose it! I don’t think either of us could stand to watch it. Lord, we were annoying. I mean, more annoying than we are now. Maybe by “annoying” I mean “young” or maybe I mean “in love” but anyway you call it, I don’t want to watch it on tape.)
We did make a cute little flipbook with black and white snapshots from the wedding using the backsides of rsvp cards.
We also made things like the guest book. I always hated those generic store-bought ones and this is the slapdash one we threw together and one of the entries in it. The creative guest book encouraged creative entries. (I see a lot more of this now at weddings than I did back then.)
This is one of my favorite photos from the day—me and my cousin Chantel. Can you believe she’s gonna be 20? Seriously.
There were so many random photographers (as we didn’t have a professional photographer and asked friends to take photos for us) that we have few photos with Kevin and I looking the same direction at the same time. I have one photo I took of all the people taking photos of us and it’s a bit ridiculous; we were cute, but still I hate to think of all the film spent that weekend and all the money spent developing it.
People still talk about our wedding. It really was a lovely day. One of the highlights was that both sets of Kevin’s grandparents were able to come, one from Florida and one from California. People talk to me still about getting to meet them. We enjoy this photo of Grandma Frances and Grandpa Hubert with their adorable hats.
This blog post is not ivory, nor is it a clock. But it’s what I got. Happy Anniversary, of sorts.


  1. Thank you Cherri.

    This is a wonderful (and inexpensive!) gift. And unique, to me anyway -- my first ever blog post gift.

    It is a nice trip down memory lane, especilly for those of us whose lane doesn't stretch as far as it used to.

    Love, Kevin

    we're standing at opposite poles
    equal partners in a mystery

  2. Great post, as always! I love this blog!

  3. My favorite part of this blog is that you are consistently saying "we" did this and that. Was Kevin involved in the wedding prep? If so, I find that really cute.

  4. Oh yes Lisa, "we" dorks did it all together.

  5. I see Diane is the only one I guilted into commented from the FB thread. Diane, thank you, but that may mean you need a backbone. ;-)


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