FAC *Friday After Class* 12 July 28

This round’s on me. *Friday After Class* (It's a late and quick one this week.)

Awesome Au Jus This Walter Bosse Brass Donkey is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. Find more here.

Made Me Laugh This is just good vocabulary. I'm sure we'll all have a chance to use these new words during the Olympics. I love Abroham Lincoln.

Listen to Wilco. Seriously, you can never go wrong with the best traveling band in America. Start with "Misunderstood." (Stay with it, as the beginning is a bit dissonant, but it gets melodic quickly). You can also check out their opus, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, here.

Huh! Turns out that lots of stuff attributed to Shakespeare isn't actually from Shakespeare, including this.

Save me a spot at the bar!

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