FAC *Friday After Class* 12 August 3

Yikes! How is it August already? My summer to-do list is barely touched and school starts in just over a week. We need some FAC this week!

This round’s on me.

The Force When times get tough, we just need more Star Wars humor. This is my favorite.

But I think I might also need one of these.

Listen Sure you know James Taylor's classic stuff, but have you listened to him lately? When Kevin and I moved to California 14 years ago, most of our stuff was in boxes and we had few CDs out. James Taylor's Hour Glass was one of the few, and we listened to it over and over. It's one of those albums that takes me back to living at Bocsh and picking strawberries with Christine--memories associated with the music. "...he said, "no body knows me, nobody understands / these are the people been good to me, so I wanna shake some hands."

School is right around the corner Summer is just about over and I'm trying to get re-inspired, re-organized for fall semester. I've been working on my pinboards and even started one students can contribute to.

Humpday Hubby I've got new contributor. My husband will be contributing to the blog on a regular bases. Stay-tuned for those fun posts.

Enjoy I'm never too tired to eat as these animals seem to be. (I'm often too tired to make food though.)

Save me a spot at the bar!

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