Scenes from a Reunion

My twentieth high school reunion was this weekend.

We went to the Hempstead High School tour on Saturday. In the 20 years since we attended the 1960s open plan school, it's undergone so much remodeling it was hardly recognizable. The parts that were the same looked old. Case and point: driver's ed. These driving simulators must be original to the building. Honk honk!

We took a group photo of the people who came to the tour. It was the only time we got to see Karin, who teaches at Hempstead! I miss me some Karin (who is all the way to the left).

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Saturday night at the dinner, we dressed pretty and headed out to the Dubuque Shooting Society. It's a nice place for an event if you like animal heads and a place to keep your gun while you play a game. (The food was plain, healthy and tasty. I was impressed with the offerings for a catered buffet.)

Although not very many people made it, I enjoyed the friends we were able to reconnect with. (Why is my boob so shiny?)

Ryan and Marilynn (Less-Bartels), Lisa Dowel Fields and Me
My group photos are not that great; maybe someone with a better lens did better.

According to the band, Boomtangle, we be old! (Asking the rockers to turn the music down so we could talk = old. They did not turn it down, as they be rockers! Bryce didn't rock my face off, but my voice was nearly gone from shouting over the music.)

Tom, Joie, Bryce and Neil. (We went to school with Bryce and Neil and, I'm told, Tom.)
We reconnected with a few friends at the park on Sunday.

Back: Erika, Lisa, KaJuana, Cherri  Front: Ryan, Marilynn, Doni, Tim
We did another one when Nicky got there.

Back: Cherri, Lisa, Doni, Tim, Nicky Front: Ryan, Marilynn, KaJuana, Erika
My oldest living friend, Sunshine Penhollow, came up from Cedar Rapids. I haven't seen her since college. (It was so hot my bangs decided to go wild.)

And Benjamin climbed a tree.

When we got home, I took a long nap and I felt sore all over.  I'm not coming back for year 30. You all can come to Sacramento and camp in my yard.

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