This round's on me *Friday After Class*

Awesome Au Jus Don't you wish you would have thought of this? Five friends take the same photo every few years!

The Fuss This is an interesting cultural commentary on cupcakes. My main problem with cupcakes is that pictures of them make me want them, and in my town, good cupcakes are hard to find.

I had a Driveway Moment I stayed in the car to listen to this story on TAL. Black Hole Son is about one family's struggle with "retardation" and "madness"--in a three-year-old.

Obsession I've been pinning bird art. Got any good additions? Check out this collection as well.

Made Me Laugh Speaking of birds, this cartoon always cracks me up.

Listen Drive-By Truckers is one of those bands alt/country/rock fans--like Stephen King--always recommend and I'd never quite gotten into. But, the thing with the DBT is that you have to repeat listen to them--give them a chance to soak in--and then it's obsession. Right now I'm in love with The Dirty South.

Start with Danko/Manuel "Let the night air cool you off . . ." and then move on to Tornadoes.

Save me a spot at the bar!

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