FAC *Friday After Class* 12 August 17

This (very visual) round’s on me.

Clutter I just recently did away with a lot of the clutter on the fridge, but the clutter bugs in my house are moving back in. Apparently, what our fridge looks like says a lot about the state of our life.

Listen Not sure why I find song covers so compelling, but this mash-up of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" covers certainly doesn't disappoint. (P.S. This one is my favorite.)

Where can I buy me some Girl on Fire art? This piece is dazzling.

Sharks! These shark pencil bags from the Etsy store Minne Bites are possibly the cutest way to store pencils ever.

Need. I'm pretty sure we could all use one of these.

Save me a spot at the bar!

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