Comrades in the Arena

It's very clear to me right now what I want. I want a writer's group--a group of committed, smart, interesting people who are trying to hone their craft. A group of people who write poetry and/or nonfiction who want to gather twice a month to hold each other accountable in the writing life.

For many of my social needs, facebook is sufficient. And, I'd be willing to participate in an online group if the group was good, but I just need more than life is offering me right now and I don't know how to get it. I've got books. I've got ideas. What I don't have is a schedule, an audience, or comrades in the arena.

I simply don't know anyone who fits this profile nor do I know how to find them. I feel like I've tried all of the usual paths. Now, I guess I'll have to stop people randomly on the streets asking for their help. "Please sir, will you nag me about finishing that poem I've been working on?"

I almost paid to join an online class/workshop, but the main content of the class was video blogs made by the teacher. Watching someone sit 4 inches from the computer screen and talk quietly about poetry is not what I need.

I offer up this wish to the universe. Maybe saying it aloud will, if even in cyberspace  will help.

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  1. Starting a "Writer's Group" was one of the best things I ever did at Beloit College. Usually it boiled down to me and one other colleague, getting a coffee at the coffee shop, grunting a greeting at one another, and then hunching over our laptops without talking for an hour. But people were disproportionately impressed with the weekly announcements that went out over the faculty-staff mailing list. It sounded like I was masterfully conducting a weekly Algonquin Roundtable, and everybody wishes they were writing more and wished that they were there. ;)

    And it did help me work on those overwhelming writing projects that I just couldn't carve out time for otherwise.


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