Is it Too Early

Is it too early to post possible Holiday gifts? When I was in line at the grocery store tonight there were Christmas cookies for sale. Cookies!

These look yummier than the ones in the store.
I get the whole buy supplies and decor early--anyone whose tried to buy matching lights in December understands this--but I haven't even had Halloween cookies yet. Why do I want Christmas ones?

I know everyone complains about how "early" in the year the stores try to sell Holiday stuff, and I know all of this has to do with the culture of late capitalism--if my brain was in better shape I'd explain why--but I think the real problem here is that I want celebrations to be special. It seems a small thing, really, to only celebrate something one time a year, but it matters. If you have cake everyday, it's not a treat--it's bread. If we're already "celebrating" or preparing to in Augusts (which is when I saw the first decorations in stores), then we may as well not celebrate at all.

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