Four Moon Laugh

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I love when poetry surprises me and I laugh aloud. This poem made me guffaw and giggle.

The Four-Moon Planet
by Billy Collins

I have envied the four-moon planet.
—The Notebooks of Robert Frost

Maybe he was thinking of the song
"What a Little Moonlight Can do"
and became curious about
what a lot of moonlight might be capable of.

But wouldn't this be too much of a good thing?
and what if you couldn't tell them apart
and they always rose together
like pale quadruplets entering a living room?

Yes, there would be enough light
to read a book or write a letter at midnight,
and if you drank enough tequila
you might see eight of them roving brightly above.

But think of the two lovers on a beach,
his arm around her bare shoulder,
thrilled at how close they were feeling tonight
while he gazed at one moon and she another.

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