It's Friday, and not a minute too soon.  This round's on me!

SupermarketI admit that when I go home, I always have my eyes peeled in the supermarket for people I might know. Missed Connections Map. The supermarket missed connections are way less depressing than the Wal-Mart ones, right?

The Sinceroid. I've thought we needed a "deadpan" punctuation mark for a long while now; I guess the sinceroid is sort of deadpan's opposite? Other New Punctuation here.

Inclusive Scouting. This is one of the best ideas I've heard in a while.

The Science of Junk Food. The part about how we eat more when there is no one taste that overwhelms our brain is interesting. It's long, but good.

Good Food. Speaking of which, did you know grated cauliflower is a good substitute for rice? (Via Smaggle.)

Planning for Death. The life of your stuff after death: are you organized for it? I think about this more than seems appropriate, but I think it's important.

Single and Ready to Mingle. A fun summary of Pride and Prejudice. (Thanks Melissa.)

Save a spot for me!

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