So many good things this week.  This round's on me!

Jason GoodThis is my new favorite blog, from comedian Jason Good. (Thanks Kristina.) Here is an excerpt from his three year-old's imagined stand-up routine:
The bathroom. Basically…no. Why exactly would I sit on a hard cold seat that’s like 100 feet off the ground when I can just go in a diaper while watching TV? That way I can help Dora find the wishing crystal AND crap at the same time. It’s called multitasking.
London Tube. I'm a sucker for maps and subways, so these images from The London Underground are fab.

Via Brain Pickings

Walking. I enjoyed what Sarah at It Starts With had to say about the many words we use for walking.

Tear Jerker. Loved this little essay called "We Found Our Son in the Subway."

Jive Zone. This was my favorite in Cracked's funny graffiti slide show.

Our Lady Posters. How effing cool are these? I love the Kara Thrice one and the Liz Lemon.
Via Society6

Kiwi Crate. My kid is too old, but this would be a fun gift for a younger one.

Save a spot for me!

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  1. Wow, the astronomically-themed London underground posters are great! I wish I had some sort of London connection (or connexion) to justify buying prints of them all to hang in my office.


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