I took an early spring break from blogging last week so I've got lots of links saved up.

Hmm. ButterMr. SP and I argue about which butter to use more often than seems reasonable.

Everyday Dresses. I love the quote at the bottom about her wedding dress.

Rock On! my sister.

Visualizing Pi! Kick Starter is where it's at these days. These seem like a great group of kids.

Hey People in Power, this is a good plan.

Death and Mourning on Facebook. I'm not a big fan of all the RIP messages on social media, but I get so much of my "news" from it that I suppose I rely on them to an extent. A friend died a few months ago, and since no one posted about it on Facebook, I didn't know about it until well after the fact. This article is an interesting perspective.

Hip Jane. I'm certainly not hip, but this online mag is.

Renegade Mother. This is my new favorite blog. (She's gone to grad school and lives in the region; can we be friends?) I often thought of strangling Caillou when my son was little and watched the show. Years later I understand this as a very natural response.

Laugh. This made me laugh. These are my people.

Zombie Shopping. Who knew Sears had a sense of humor?

Listen to this feel good song by Group Love. It was the song Gigi Darcy posted after you know what happened on LBD! Oh, you haven't seen it yet? Well here it is. (I've only watched it four times already.)

Telling what we need.  If only we were all this good at asking for what we need.

Save a spot for me!

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