Taking a week off does wonders for lengthening my list of goodies to share! This one's on me.

“People who grow bored in their own company seem to me in danger.” Andrei Tarkovsky (via Brainpickings)
Science Bros. I'm new to this meme and I love it. So does Ruffalo.  

Present Shock. Why Living in The Present is a Disorder, a review of Douglass Rushkoff's new book.
Remote controls and DVRs give us the ability to break down narratives — particularly the more abusive ones. This is a great thing for escaping the “ends-justify-the-means” traps of 20th-century wars and religions, but it can also make it hard to convey values.
A Year of Online Dating. Anne Lamott writes about her dating woes on Salon.
I had loved the sleeping alone part. I rarely missed sex: I had tiny boundary issues in all those years of drinking, and by my early 20s I had used up my lifelong allotment....Additionally, I have spent approximately 1,736 hours of this one precious life waiting for the man to finish, and pretending that felt good. And I want a refund.
My students really need home econ and all of the other practical sciences.

from the Oatmeal
Don't care. I so agree with this list and could well add my own items.

Post-Plagiarism. I feel like I should be having a more sophisticated conversation with my students about copyright and fair use than "don't do it." Maybe I'll have students read this.

Shut it off. I did try to avoid the news this week as I usually do during crisis. This is an interesting look at our 24/7 turned on / tuned in media.

App for that:  kissing cousins, or at least avoiding doing it.

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