Song Lyrics or Romance Novel Titles

Image from David Levithan's The Lover's Dictionary

My new way to amuse myself is to find romance book titles in song lyrics. Here are a handful I’ve come up with. I would read all of these books. How about you? Add your own lyric titles in the comments.

Hate It Here
Easy Heart
Run Like Hell
That was That
Brain on Fire
Behind the Stars
Before it Starts
Won't Let Go
there is a Town
Memory to Spare
Someone to Blame
Somewhere Else to Leave
Keep Me From Going
Radio On
Rock Me Mama
We Used to be Friends
Made Up Mind
The Hardest Part
Now That It’s Over
History Free
Crazy Lonesome
Rescue Blues
Maybe I Didn’t
Remember You Best
Much Too Bright
Truest Thing
Fool Heart
Nice and Neat
Pack All My Changes
Best Intentions
You Don’t Anymore
Love Me Tomorrow
Cry on Demand
Seems Like Stars
Never Ready to Go
Like She Did Before

My son said the way you actually play this game is to write down a song title and then add “in your pants” to the end of it. Tween humor. Très drole.

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