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Tom & Lex: people I love on adventure I would not, but THEIR journey & HEA is delightful. Bicycling might sound boring, but thumbs way up.

Tweet Review (Okay, I've revised this one as it wasn't doing how much I liked the book justice.)

Cover/title don't do this sweet story justice; Kiwi locale fun as are cast of friends. Plot & resolution gentle; sex not so much. 

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I'm no foodie & still loved Lolly, Tuck & Market's kitchen family. Seemed original even when it wasn't. Laugh out loud bits. Fitting HEA.
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  1. This cracks me up: "Stupid title; ugly cover; great story."

    1. I've got way too many opinions about covers and titles, though I know writers often have little to do with those decisions. I could say the same about any number of contemporary books.


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