The Chronology of Water Lidia Yuknavitch's new memoir (or anti-memoir, as she calls it) looks great.
"I thought of starting this book with my childhood, the beginning of my life. But that's not how I remember it. I remember things in retinal flashes. Without order. Your life doesn't happen in any kind of order. Events don't have cause and effect relationships the way you wish they did. It's all a series of fragments and repetitions. Language and water have this in common" (28).
Oatmeal CartoonsMr. Oatmeal illustrates some quotes. This is my favorite.

Source: Oatmeal Quotations

Twitter Spelling Test. Speaking of The Oatmeal, I think I'm going to have my students take this test.

Gender talk. She's controversial  but I think she's talking about gender in a way that not many people are and in a way closer to the experience of many of my middle class friends. This bit about household chores rings especially true.
"Unmarried men almost always say they want to share household duties equally. However this is so completely not how it turns out that evolutionary psychologist David Buss says the equality thing is merely a mating call. Men can’t be in a relationship today unless they say they want to assume household duties. 

I actually think men do want to do half. But they want to do half of what they think needs doing. So, for example, changing the sheets on the kids’ beds does not matter to a guy. The sheets don’t have poop on them, so they’re clean. If the sheets have poop on them, the guy has no trouble changing them. He does it immediately."

Toddlers are the New Psycho! We could say the same thing about teens, really.

Life Hacker's Free App List. Of course there is an app for that.

So True. 

Source: Everyday People Cartoons
Fan deck Lookbooks are a fun way to print photos if you're loaded with cash.
Save a spot for me!


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